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Classroom Ready Activity Book (BC Edition) Kindergarten

Classroom Ready Activity Book (BC Edition) Kindergarten

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AThe Classroom Ready Activity Book was written by B.C. teachers to help your child prepare for or master kindergarten.  It is the most complete activity book to cover the B.C. kindergarten curriculum.

When to Use This Book
Use this book to prepare for your child's first year of school and see what they will be learning in the classroom.  Use it throughout the school year to reinforce the skills and concepts they are learning every day.  Use it over the summer break to keep their minds sharp and engaged. 

Where do I Start?
The learning pages in this book are accessible to your child whenever they are in their learning journey. Ideas are organized with and introduction to the topic that is followed by pages of practice that increase in difficulty.  Follow your child's classroom learning and use this book to reinforce and explore skills further.  Or start with the topic that excites your child the most!

Building an "I Can" Attitude
Sounding out a letter or tracing a numeral for the first time can feel risky.  It takes courage to try without the guarantee of being right.  Learning takes courage, and we encourage your learner to be brave.  Welcome mistakes and encourage your child to try again and again (and again). 

What Is My Child Learning?
This book covers all the language arts and math content your child will learn in their kindergarten classroom (and maybe more). It also includes the skills the B.C. curriculum encourages learners to develop.  These skills include communication, critical thinking, and social awareness.  These are some of the skills that this book was designed to strengthen.  

A Treasured Keepsake
You will be able to keep this book that contains your child's progress all in one place.  This will allow you to look back so you can see how much they have learned.  You will keep this book for many years to come, reflecting on the growth of your child. 

                                                  GRADES / AGES KINDERGARTEN
                                                  ANSWER KEY NO
                                                  AUTHOR(S) ELAINE TAN COMEAU & NATALIA OLIVER
                                                  PUBLISHER CLASSROM READY
                                                  PAGES 262 PAGES
                                                  SAMPLE CLICK HERE
                                                  ISBN 9781990448102
                                                  SERIES CLASSROOM READY KINDERGARTEN
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