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KUMON: Subtraction Gr. 2

KUMON: Subtraction Gr. 2

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This workbook helps your child subtract three-digit numbers with confidence. Children will learn to regroup (borrow) when subtracting, which equips them with the tools to subtract three-digit numbers. Vertical subtraction is included along with patterning and sequencing activities, so children gain a fundamental understanding of subtraction.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Horizontal subtraction review
  • Vertical form subtraction
  • Regrouping (borrowing)
  • Three-digit minus two-digit subtraction
  • Early three- & four-digit subtraction
  • Addition & subtraction of three two-digit numbers
  • Patterns & sequencing
                                  GRADES / AGES GRADE 2
                                  ANSWER KEY YES
                                  AUTHOR(S) KUMON PUBLISHING
                                  PUBLISHER KUMON PUBLISHING
                                  PAGES 96 PAGES
                                  SAMPLE N/A
                                  ISBN 9781933241524
                                  SERIES KUMON CALCULATION MATH WORKBOOK
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