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Spectrum Manuscript Handwriting Kindergarten-Gr. 2

Spectrum Manuscript Handwriting Kindergarten-Gr. 2

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From jotting notes to taking tests, handwriting plays an essential role in the classroom. Spectrum® Manuscript Handwriting provides the printing practice children need to succeed.

Give children an advantage across disciplines by helping them master handwriting. Spectrum Manuscript Handwriting for grades K-2 guides children through printing uppercase and lowercase letters in isolation, words, and sentences.

Handwriting isn’t a skill of the past—it’s a skill children use every day. Being able to print legibly helps them take notes and complete homework in a clear and timely manner. With the help of Spectrum Manuscript Handwriting, your child will develop a variety of skills for clear communication—printing, writing, reading, and spelling.

                                                  GRADES / AGES KINDERGARTEN - GRADE 2 / AGES 5 - 8
                                                  ANSWER KEY N/A
                                                  AUTHOR(S) CARSON DELLOSA EDUCATION
                                                  PUBLISHER CARSON DELLOSA EDUCATION
                                                  PAGES 96 PAGES
                                                  SAMPLE CLICK HERE 1
                                                  CLICK HERE 2
                                                  ISBN 9781483813806
                                                  SERIES SPECTRUM WORKBOOK
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