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(Singapore Math) Challenging Word Problems Common Core Edition 4 (Grade 4)

(Singapore Math) Challenging Word Problems Common Core Edition 4 (Grade 4)

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Challenging Word Problems is a great source of challenging material for advanced math students. It may also be used for students of mixed abilities with more guidance. Although originally written to complement Primary Mathematics, it can go with any math curriculum as long as students have the necessary computation skills. The material allows students to practice explaining their reasoning and demonstrate problem-solving strategies, including using manipulatives. Select problems for a daily challenge or for discussion, or allow competent students to attempt the problems independently. Solutions are provided at the back, however, a specific strategy is not required, and alternate methods are quite possible to arrive at the answer.

How to Use:
Additional Notes: This supplementary material may be used with Dimensions Math or Primary Mathematics programs.

Level: Advanced

Grades/Ages GRADE 4
Answer Key Yes
Series Singapore Math (Marshall Cavendish)
Pages 231 Pages
Format Paperback
Language(s) English
ISBN 9789810189747
Whole Numbers
The Four Operations of Whole Numbers
Mental Calculation
Operations on Fractions
Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Tiling Patterns and Symmetry
Area and Perimeter
Tables and Graphs
Solid Figures
Review Questions 1
Review Questions 2
Review Questions 3
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