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(Singapore Math) Intensive Practice 4A (Grade 4)

(Singapore Math) Intensive Practice 4A (Grade 4)

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Intensive Practice U.S. Edition provides challenging supplementary material for primary level mathematics. It is recommended for capable students as a source of interesting review and challenging questions. It is equally applicable in the classroom or home setting.


  • Topical Review: Offers questions of varying levels of difficulty and type.
  • Mid-year and End-of-year Review: Provides students with consolidation and reinforcement opportunities.
  • Take the Challenge!: Deepens conceptual understanding.
  • More Challenging Problems: Stimulates interest through challenging and thought-provoking problems.

How to Use:
A & B Books: Our programs divide the school year into two semesters. “A” level books are for the first half of the school year. “B” level books are for the second half of the school year. You need both “A” and “B” material for a complete school year.

Additional Notes: This supplementary material may be used with Dimensions Math or Primary Mathematics programs.

Level: Advanced

Grades/Ages grade 4
Answer Key Yes
Series Singapore Math (Marshall Cavendish)
Pages 148 Pages
Format Paperback
Language(s) English
ISBN 9781932906066
Topic 1 – Whole Numbers
Topic 2 – Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
Topic 3 – Fractions
Topic 4 – Tables and Graphs
Topic 5 – Angles
Topic 6 – Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Topic 7 – Area and Perimeter
Mid-Year Review
More Challenging Problems
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