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MathLinks: Pathways to Success Grade 10 Textbook

MathLinks: Pathways to Success Grade 10 Textbook

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Exciting all NEW BC curriculum-aligned resources developed by BC educators.

Key Features:

- Aligns with changes to Ministry student reporting requirements and ease concerns about how to integrate the new BC core and curricular competencies through clear identification of curricular competency questions.

- Supports new and revised learning standards for Fraction Operations, Cubes and Cube Roots, Proportional Reasoning, Data Management and Financial Literacy.

- Provides opportunities for Inquiry-Based learning through open and active explorations, tasks, projects and rich problems.

- Competency-based focus as outlined in the new BC Building Student Success Curriculum document.

- NEW Get Ready feature provides an overview of the Prerequisite skills students will need to be successful in the chapter.

- NEW Tasks and Projects designed to promote an inquiry approach to learning.

- NEW Rich Problems require students to connect and apply concepts in a challenging and engaging environment.

- MathLinks 10 includes additional features such as Mini-Labs and Chapter Projects to further promote hands-on learning and connect math to real life.

Grades/Ages grade 10
Answer Key Yes
Series MathLinks Pathways to Success
Format Hardcover
Language(s) English
ISBN 9780176873868
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