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(Singapore Math) Primary Mathematics Extra Practice 6 (Grade 6)

(Singapore Math) Primary Mathematics Extra Practice 6 (Grade 6)

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Extra Practice reinforces and consolidates the skills learned in the Primary Mathematics series. It is for both home and classroom use. It allows teachers to identify and assign specific topics that are challenging to students, and exercises can serve as reviews for tests. Exercises generally provide problems of a similar style and level of difficulty as the course material. Answers are included in the back of the book.

How to Use:
Additional Notes: This supplementary material may be used with Dimensions Math or Primary Mathematics programs.

Level: On Level

Grades/Ages Grade 6
Answer Key Yes
Series Singapore Math (Marshall Cavendish)
Pages 295 Pages
Format Paperback
Language(s) English
ISBN 9780761427667
Unit 1 – Algebra

Exercise 1 Algebra Expressions I
Exercise 2 Algebra Equations
Exercise 3 Algebra Expressions II
Exercise 4 Graphs of Functions

Unit 2 – Fractions and Decimals

Exercise 1 Fractions and Decimals
Exercise 2 Negative Fractions and Decimals
Exercise 3 Comparing Numbers

Unit 3 – The Four Operations of Fractions

Exercise 1 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
Exercise 2 Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Unit 4 – Percentage

Exercise 1 Percentage of a Quantity
Exercise 2 Percentage Change
Exercise 3 Interest, Sales Tax and Discount I
Exercise 4 Interest, Sales Tax and Discount II

Unit 5 – Ratio

Exercise 1 Comparing Quantities I
Exercise 2 Comparing Quantities II
Exercise 3 Comparing Three Quantities
Exercise 4 Word Problems
Exercise 5 Proportion

Unit 6 – Rate and Speed

Exercise 1 Rate I
Exercise 2 Rate II
Exercise 3 Speed
Exercise 4 Average Speed

Unit 7 – Circles

Exercise 1 Circumference
Exercise 2 Area
Exercise 3 Composite Figures

Unit 8 – Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

Exercise 1 Volume of Prisms
Exercise 2 Volume of Cylinders

Unit 9 – Angles

Exercise 1 Adjacent Angles
Exercise 2 Vertically Opposite Angles and Angles at a Point
Exercise 3 Complementary Angles
Exercise 4 Supplementary Angles
Exercise 5 Angles and Polygons I
Exercise 6 Angles and Polygons II

Unit 10 – Construction of Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Exercise 1 Drawing Lines and Angles
Exercise 2 Constructing Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Unit 11 – Data Handling

Exercise 1 Mean
Exercise 2 Population and Sample
Exercise 3 Median
Exercise 4 Mode
Exercise 5 Range

Unit 12 – Probability

Exercise 1 Experimental Probability
Exercise 2 Theoretical Probability of Simple Events I
Exercise 3 Theoretical Probability of Simple Events II
Exercise 4 Theoretical Probability of Combined Events I
Exercise 5 Theoretical Probability of Combined Events II

Unit 13 – Negative Numbers

Exercise 1 Addition and Subtraction
Exercise 1 Multiplication and Division
Exercise 2 Order of Operations
Exercise 3 Solving Equations
Exercise 3 Graphs of Functions

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